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Some Engines Of Our Past

It has only been in recent times that we have thought to create web pages for each engine, and most of the time we only do so for engines we build "on speculation" - that is, to sell outright - since this is how we advertise them and therefore it's easy to just save the page. However, these pages remain useful as examples of our work, so we sometimes leave them up, to be found here.

Notably, these provide you with information about the work we do, how we do it, and also we have gotten many thank-yous for publishing examples for how this work is done correctly.

Note also that we are open to showing the inevitable problems that come up. We'll even highlight them! We think this is a good idea because not only is it completely honest, you get to see real-world solutions to real-world problems.

This list is sorted by Serial Number or, for un-numbered cases, aproximate production date.

The story of each engine and lots of photographs are found on the web pages linked for each individual engine.