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The image at right is of an engine that's no longer available. However, it's a good example of our work; follow this link for more examples of our past work. There's even more of our past work you can see in images down below; just click here.


Note that this data is sometimes a little stale: Contact us for current information - we're engine builders, not web-site developers!


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This list is sorted by Serial Number or, for un-numbered cases, aproximate production date. Click on the page links in the bullet items to jump to pages unique to each engine.

The story of each engine and lots of photographs are found on the web pages linked for each individual engine.

Pre-announced engines: Sometimes good timing permits a customer to get exactly what they want, so preannouncing gives that opportunity. All engines in this section are incomplete but are under-construction as of the latest update to this page. The web pages are likely even more incomplete! It takes TIME to build a competent web page, too!

Engines Ready for Pickup, Delivery, or Shipment

There are several flywheels which can fit each of these engines, so be prepared to stated your intended application to ensure no disappointments.

We will convert any 912 engine (type 616/36) to 356 or VW application upon request.

Some Engines of our Past - It has only been in recent times that we have thought to create web pages for each engine, and most of the time we only do so for engines we build "on speculation" - that is, to sell outright. However, these pages remain useful as examples of our work, so we sometimes leave them up, to be found here. These pages are sorted by Serial Number OR, for un-numbered cases, aproximate production date. Notably, these provide you with information about the work we do, how we do it, and also we have gotten many thank-yous for publishing examples for how this work is done correctly.

Two piece crankcase engines:

Three piece crankcase engines:


We have the following parts for sale:










We are interested in a LOT of items.

Our primary areas of interest are the Porsche 356 and the '50's era Karmann Ghia, and coachbuilts like Rometsch and Denzel.

Here we're only putting out specific needs for specific projects. However, we are always looking for: early 356 parts, anything Denzel, Rometch, Okrasa, various literature and accessory items. If you have something on offer, let us know!



Some of our past work

We figure you might like to see some "eye candy..." AND some detailed information. From the following you can get a good long-term sampling of the work we do. In the following images, these are all either engines we took in as cores or engines we put together - which is which should be obvious! Some have captions. (Most of these images were taken LONG before digital cameras were available!)

The links below give very detailed information about specific engines - we highly recommend you take a look. (Note that this list is the same one - or at least is supposed to be! - as the one above in the engines for sale section.)


If you take the time to look at more than one of the above-linked engine pages, you will notice a pattern; all the engines we work on get everything they need. New guids are a standard feature, for example. Another standard feature is superior balancing - not just rotating parts, but combustion chamber volumes, etc. And, we don't perform operations that are not needed - and this is good because we don't needlessly remove material, so your parts will live longer, and may continue to be serviced at a later date; like a doctor, first do no harm!

Of course, references provided on request.

When you're looking for service or need an engine, just let us know.



The image below is an 1600S.



In the below image, the pulley bore of a two-piece crankcase is shown repaired. It needs repair more often than people might think! We have run into this problem so often, we created a web page that describes how it's done.


...There are many, many more images to see!... Browse through the linked web pages above and you'll find most of them!




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