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Denzel Engines

About our Denzel Engines



Wolfgang Denzel was an engineer who, like Ferdinand and Ferry Porsche, built complete automobiles following World War II that were based upon the Volkswagen Beetle - or, slightly more accurately - based upon the VW spare parts bin. Many of the same vendors were used as Porsche and Volkswagen, such as Solex, Alfred Teves (ATE), Mahle, Kolbenschmidt, etc. The quality was generally very high.

When the Denzel first came out, it made a big spash as the car won the Alpine Hill Climb, beating even Porsche in its class. This pushed Porsche to improve their cars, and, in particular, helped spur Porsche to develop the Hirth roller-bearing crankshaft for its Super engine series. As time went on, however, Denzel could not compete with the much better funded Porsche and so the firm made much of its money selling kits or completed engines rather than complete cars.

Denzel Engine "Kits"

There were a great many parts available, and Denzel is known to have provided whatever the customer wanted if it could do so and make money. There are, therefore, a great number of engine "kits" that were created. Today we generally look to bore and stroke as the basics, and then tune-up from there.

We will write more about their kits as firm data becomes available.

Some images of Denzel bits

Spare Parts we have available

We can provide you with all of the following NEW parts - either New Old Stock (NOS) or modern reproductions:

We can usually provide you with nearly all of the above as used parts, but also, notably, on occasion, cylinder heads, too.

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