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Oil Pump For Full Flow Filtration with Tachometer Drive

For Early Porsche (or VW) Engines with Removeable Oil Pump


Back in the 1930s when the VW engine was designed, a wire mesh "oil filter" was probably the "industry standard", but even Porsche realized they should have more filtration and by late 1953 or so, a bypass filter was added as standard equipment. However, in the modern era, we find the lack of a full flow oil filter "quaint" at best! Or, more correctly, "liability".

AT RIGHT: The oil pump is shown here, installed and hooked up - it's the almost-square thing below the crankshaft. The oil inlet and outlet hoses go around the left heater outlet, one going over, the other under, and the tachometer cable comes in above the heater outlet, attaching straight in to the tach drive.

These older engines are now quite rare and have become very expensive, and basic longevity aside, should anything go wrong, it's possible to lose an entire engine due to contaminated oil passing around metal particles that work as an abrasive and wear out the entire engine. I've had it happen to me once when I bought low octane fuel out of the high-octane pump at a Citgo station in Balmorea Texas; I had a hole in a piston before I got to San Antonio. The particles in the oil took out the entire engine.

Don't lose an entire engine for lack of a proper oil filter!

So, I vowed to run full-flow filtration in all my engines, and promptly fitted the available oil-pump based solutions for my various engines. However, NOBODY offered a solution that retains the tachometer drive, and I'm a "keep it stock" kinda guy! So that is why I invented THIS product!

You don't have to give up your stock tachometer or modify your crankcase just so you can run a full-flow filter!


This product replaces the entire oil pump, cover and all, with these features:





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