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LSR Karmann Ghia Blog, August 23, 2009


The following was sent to the Karmann Ghia Club of North America's email list on August 23rd, 2009:

On Sun, 23 Aug 2009, PAUL ESPERANZA CANNEFAX wrote:
> Wow Richard I am impressed. You must have VW (engine) parts in every
> nook and cranny of your garage. It also appears you are consumed with
> this project 24/7 at this point. I'm hopping to see you at Bonneville
> Salt Flats since a journey to The San Francisco area is not feasible.
> I would like to say hello to your collection some time next year when
> my wife and I go to the Venezuelan Embassy in the Bay area.
> Hats off Brother I wish I had your knowledge on these cars.
> Later
> Paul Cannefax
> Farr West, Utah
> 801-824-9436

Thanks, Paul - yeah, 24 X 7! It's the only way I'm going to make it!
Stopped work at 2AM last night!

However, there has been a strong call for images - people want to see it
happening! So, I've updated the main page on this subject here:

And I finally got to documenting the heads somewhat. Some is taken from
material already on the site, so you may have seen it, but other material
is new from last night!


And don't be shy to tell me what you'd like to see - if it's easy, I'll do



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