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Map and Directions

The workshop is actually leased by a computer startup company, however, as it's too big for their purposes, we've worked out an arrangement for use of the premises. We regret that this sometimes limits accommodation of various requests.

PLEASE NOTE: As the building cannot be made "handicapped accessible" (in particular, the bathroom), the workshop cannot be and is not open to the public.

The Most Important Thing About Visiting Us...

To Avoid Disappointment... Please don't just drop in on us! Please make arrangements in advance! We're a small shop, have no official space for customers, etc.

Ringing the doorbell usually doesn't work!

Call so you are expected.


We have not one, but TWO maps for you below, one an overall view, the second a corrected Google-map closeup with building details!

Street Address: 613 85th Avenue, Oakland CA 94621, USA


About the Location

The building is zoned 'light industrial' and can be a hazardous place with casting of metals and plastics and movement of heavy machinery near by. The structure is considered a warehouse, in a complex of some 7 older such spaces, the oldest dating back to 1911 and is the last surviving structure of the original Oakland Airport. What some people think is the front entrance is in fact the back!

We've never had any trouble here, but of course, this is the big city; if you park on or near the street, don't leave obvious valuables sitting in your car in plain sight, but you don't have to be overly concerned about your personal safety. However, we have lots of parking "around back", where the entrance is!

The Entrance



The entrance can be difficult to find. The first of the two maps below notes the entrance to the driveway you must transit to get to our facility. Inside this gated area are seven (7) addresses to your left and one to your right, all sharing a single 30' wide gate. You're certain you have the right driveway when address 631 is on your right. Our facility is behind ASE Automotive and next door to "West Coast Wire Rope & Rigging", and cannot be seen from the gate. Do not be fooled by 613 markings in the small parking area to your immediate left! (That's for our one designated space near the street, mailbox, and our fire exit.) Note that the large gate is on a garage door opener remote system, and sometimes it's closed, even during business hours. Adventuresome folk can perhaps squeeze through, but a better plan is to call us at the number above since we are extremely unlikely to hear you.

Enter the driveway with 631 on your right and ASE Auto Repair on your left (at the next opening in the fencing), and proceed all the way to the rear and go AROUND the building on your left. The last structure on your left, a corrugated sheet metal building, blocks the view of our workshop! You must go all the way to the large asphalt "pad", then left and park. Our space begins with a pair of tall "chain link" gates and is directly adjacent to the West Coast Wire Rope facility. ...This would be the time to use your cell phone as a door bell! If you aren't expected, you might find us unavailable!



The primary parking area is all the way "around back" at our entrance gate "behind" all the buildings! Please do not block our gate or impede the walkway in and out.

Please do not park in a numbered space in the front! Please do not block anyone in! We have a continual problem with this and we don't want our friends to be guilty so we are free to complain when someone's in our spot or blocking us in! Note that all the parking in the triangle is dedicated already, so please don't park there.

If needed / desired, parking after business hours and on weekends is available in the Nutri-Slim parking spaces as they are closed. And, you can always park on the street.

Directions & Two Maps

Most visitors will have no problem getting to the area because it's near the Oakland Coliseum, Oakland Airport and only a block and a half from a notable DMV office. In the map at right, the entrance to our driveway is noted. The actual entrance is on the other side of the buildings, adjacent to the West Coast Wire Rope facility.

From BART:

You can take BART if you wish - we often do. It's perhaps a 10 to 15 minute walk from the Coliseum BART Station. We highly recommend taking the Hegenberger Road overpass over the railroad tracks, then left on Baldwin, and right on 85th. This route is well lit with lots of traffic, and it's the shortest route, especially if there's a train passing.

From I-880 Northbound:

The Hegenberger Road exit is before you reach the overpass. It's a "J" shape which "T" intersects Edes. Turn right on Edes. 85th Av. is the first left off of Edes, and is just past the DMV office - there is a stop-sign on the corner. The street address is just 1.5 blocks ahead on your left. If you get to Baldwin St, you've gone too far and if you get to railroad tracks, you've gone way too far. See the map at right and notes above regarding the entrance and parking.

From I-880 Southbound:

The Hegenberger Road exit is before the overpass. Turn left onto Hegenberger and cross over I-880. Take the first right onto Edes, and first left onto Enterprise Way. Enterprise Way is one long block, and at the other end, turn left onto 85th. 613 is half a block on your left. Some of our friends use alternative routes, which can be deduced from the map. See notes above regarding the entrance and parking.

From Highways 24, 13, or I-580 Eastbound (from Berkeley, Walnut Creek, etc.):

If coming from points east, Highway 24 through the Caldecott Tunnel, then south on Highway 13 is the best route most times as it joins with I580 at the right spot - go Eastbound on 580.

From I-580 East, the very next exit after the Highway 13 junction is "Edwards", and Edwards is just another name for the same street known as Hegenberger Road. Take this exit and go south (toward the bay). Hegenberger is marked on both of the maps we provide here.) We generally take Baldwin St to 85th Ave., then turn right, and it's a half-block on your right.

Corrected Google-Map Closeup

There remain many errors on this map; we've only corrected the area pertaining to our space!

Note that the locator symbol for 356 Coachworks is at our actual entrance - a second gate - and note that this gate cannot be seen unless you are all the way around behind and close to the West Coast Wire Rope fence, looking back toward ASE Auto Repair.