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We do not focus on car storage, and in fact store very few cars for our clients, but our storage offering is very attractive. Here are a few key points to consider and we think you'll find our offering is very generous:

Storage Rates

These rates shall apply whenever no rate was explicitly specified in writing, and do not apply to cars on-site for service awaiting pickup (in that situation, please see our Terms and Conditions). These rates are for "normal" car sizes, roughly the size of a VW Karmann Ghia or Porsche 356 or 911. For larger cars, a rate adjustment may be required.

Automobile storage, per month (or part-month):

NOTICE: California law provides that a lien may be placed on an automobile and possibly conduct a lien-sale for non-payment of storage after only 30 days. Our policy is more generous: We will give you at least 90 days. It's not our job to remind you, and this is why we offer a very generous pre-payment option.

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